Emergency Planning

It is important to take care of the welfare and safety of your staff in an emergency. In the event of unforeseen events, such as public transport strikes, adverse weather conditions, etc., we will cover you by ensuring that your staff will be safely transported to their workplace.

All our collaborations include:

  • Safety for all passengers
  • Direct technical support
  • Our ability to find an immediate solution in case of need and our professionalism

If you see something suspicious report it to an official. Do not wait for things to escalate. Leave immediately. 

In the case of an emergency…

  • Stay as calm as possible
  • Follow the advice given by the local officials
  • Move to a safe zone
  • Stick together with other members of your group
  • Avoid wasting time recording the scene with your mobile
  • Listen to the advice given by the hotel reception
  • Try to get updated with news reports in order to find out which areas to avoid